MIL/LEO Program

American Armorer, LLC Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responder Pricing.

As a veteran owned business, we would love to give back to our brothers and sisters who have served, or are serving today. Please contact us to setup your MIL/LEO pricing program.


Do I Qualify? users who are current or retired law enforcement, serving in the US Military or have a veteran status with a discharge of honorable, EMS, Firefighter, and Corrections are all welcome to apply.


How to Apply:

  • Create an Account here if you have yet to.
  • Please send your credentials to us at (Current LE ID, Mil DD214/Paystub/Current ID etc.)
  • Please wait 3-5 business days and someone will reach out to you letting you know your account is set up.


Why Are Codes Not Working?

We are unable to stack multiple discounts. However, if this code would make the item cheaper than your MIL/LEO Pricing, please log out and use the code as a guest.